TWO of the country's top chess players failed to make the national team following their unimpressive run during the Individual Chess tournament in Mansa (April 2013).

Both Master Stanley Chumfwa and Fide Master Nase Lungu failed to retain their positions when they finished ninth and seventh position respectively in the individual chess tournament sponsored by Henry Court Yard proprietor Dr. Chitalu Chilufya now honourable MP of Mansa and deputy minister of health. They were replaced by IM Chitumbo Mwali and FM Douglas Munenga while Gillan Bwalya, Daniel Jere and Andrew Kayonde retained their positions in the national team after finishing first, second and fourth in the Individual Chess Championship.

In the women category, Yvonne Palatema was a new addition to the national team with Constance Mbatha, Women Chess Masters (WCM) Epah Tembo and Lorita Mwango and Lindah Hamonga all retaining their positions.

The National chess trials phase two is meant to select the top five players from a possible 55 players from 11 Zones. The following are the fifty five players:

Lusaka Province

1.    Chumfwa Kelvin

2.    Katowa Kennedy

3.    Chumfwa Stanley

4.    FM Phiri Richmond

5.    Kela Siame

6.    Simuludu Judah

7.    Daka Justine

8.    Katebe Linus

9.    Mwenya Oscar

10.  Zulu Thomas

Copperbelt Province

11.  Jilowa Tito

12.  Mulenga Prince

13.  Nsakanya Chanda

14.  Chabala Efford

15.  Mayimbo Clement

16.  Ng’onga Bornface

17.  Kondwelani Gondwe

18.  Nyirenda Alick

19.  Mulenga Zondy

20.  Lwenyeka Brian

Central Province

21.  Dimba Samuel

22.  Mukupa Taimon

23.  Hamoonga David

24.  Chishala Lemmy

25.  Mwape William

Southern Province

26.  Nase Lungu

27.  Muyenga Bright

28.  Mubita Mwagelwa

29.  Mululu Arnold

30.  Tilimboyi Marshall

Western Province

31.  Nyimbili Terence Katongo

32.  Mukelebai Nawa

33.  Likando Namakau

34.  Simulesi Saviour

35.  Lungu Sachalwata

Muchinga Province

36.  Kabwe Timothy

37.  Chibwata Paul

38.  Lungu Nathan

Luapula Province

39.  Chola Midosatos

40.  Mulenga Titus

41.  Ntengenibwino Stephen

Eastern Province

42.  Mwale Douglas

Invited Players

43.  Mulauzi Joshua

44.  Dimba James

45.  Kaonga Allan



Chanda Nsakanya
03/12/2013 09:17

The Chess Federation of Zambia (CFZ) presents the second phase of the national team selection. All the shortlisted players from the 10 provinces are cordially invited to participate in this prestigious event to be held from the 6th, 7th, and 8th December 2013 at Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka province.
REMEMBER: Only the top five in this tournament will be picked to participate in the final phase of the selection next year in Feb. 2014.
TO make the second phase more competitive, the Federation has attached prizes to the selection as follows!!
1st Prize K1, 000
2nd Prize K 700
3rd Prize K 500
4th Prize K 300
The second phase of the trials will be played in accordance with the FIDE regulations as 8 rounds using Swiss system.
REGISTRATION to be done at the venue
6th December 2013
08:00hrs – 09: 00hrs - payment of entry fees and pairing.
10:00hr - 12:00hrs - Round 01
12: 00hrs – 14:00hrs - Round 02
14:00hrs – 14:50hrs - Lunch break
15:00hrs - 17:00hrs - Round 03
7th December 2013
08:00hrs – 10:00hrs - Round 04
10:00hrs – 12:00hrs - Round 05
12:00hrs - 14:00hrs - Lunch break
14:00hrs – 16:00hrs - Round 06
8th December 2013.
08:00hrs – 10:00hrs - Round 07
10:00hrs – 12:00hrs - Round 08
12:00hrs - 13:00hrs - Playoffs.

13:10hrs- Prize Giving
More information will be provided on the day of the tournament on the 6th of December 2013, however you can still contact the tournaments director on mobile 0966784527,0955544164 and email aaronbanda23@yahoo.com,or contact CFZ Secretary at 0950004189.
NOTE: That all players should meet their own travel, accommodation and meal expenses.

Randy Douglas
03/12/2013 11:55

Sorry for coming in but my full team from Eastern province might come its some few logistics that are underway,thus those invited players might not play under Eastern Province!!!

Chanda Nsakanya
03/12/2013 12:22

Randy Douglas.

CFZ have only received one name from Eastern Province. The invited players are not coming under Eastern Province but they are invited by CFZ.

Randy Douglas
03/12/2013 22:19

Oh, ok get your point,so weather Eastern Province fulfills the required number or not,the invited players will still play!!


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